Внутренняя оптимизация сайта | SE Ranking Блог

Internal Optimization Of The Site On Its Own

primer-originalnogo-sajtaBefore the site is set up, it must be optimized for better indexing. In addition, the correct optimization and unique texts allow for the gradual phasing out of certain positions in the TSS for the issuance of all search systems!

Optimization of website structure

A lot depends on design, but it should be understood that too uncoordinated design can cause confusion among visitors and they can't be guided by the menu of navigation. Therefore, for commercial or social projects designed for a wide audience, the original logo and site hat are used, but the menu and structure are usually standard, i.e., it looks like most such sites.

For example, most Internet stores have long been like amazon.com by their simplicity, and the world ' s most known social media, Facebook and WContact, on the basis of structure, and even as if the twins.hlebnye-kroshki That would suggest that no one wanted to do a new unfit to navigate the menu, because everyone wants to have a structure that is common to the target user. In a commercial project, in the first place of uzabiti, i.e., the convenience and simplicity of navigation for a private user. Everything is counted so that any user intuitively understands how to buy, order, find, see, finally pay, etc.

If the non-profit and designer project is " free " , then there may be a roundly unusual and even animated design with buttons in the most unexpected places. Thus, the visitor feels himself on his own ride, in search of the necessary information, pushing everything in a row. Many will leave, but the hardest target visitors will remain and appreciate the originality, for example, of the site www.jonathanyuen.com

A rare guest will be turning a catalogue ten times in search of the right page. The FS robots don't like the pages far from the top, and they're uncoordinated for a long time. Sometimes the pages that are very remote from the main are out of the multi-country index. The maximum value of pages is third or fourth: the more the page from the main, the less the chances of indexing.

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