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Optimization Of The Site

Optimization?, search optimization, SEO or SEO optimization (from the angl SEO - Search Engine Optimization) - a set of special measures and actions taken to improve web-based resource position in the results of search systems.

Purpose and purpose

The objective of the site ' s optimization is to provide the site with features and parameters that help to index pages search systems and best suited search algorithms - to prioritize the site when searching for certain requests.

The site ' s optimization is the first and foremost stage of the site ' s search process, so its purpose coincides with that of the search engine itself, namely, the decommissioning of the site to predetermined entries in the organic search engines (TOP 1, TOP-3, TOP-5, TOP-10, etc.).

Types of optimization

Optimization of the site is preceded by a mandatory audit of the site, during which recommendations for optimization and implementation are made. The objectives of the audit are to divide the concept of site optimization into internal optimization and external optimization.

Internal optimization activities:

  • Editorial of the old and new text content taking into account the necessary parameters (uniformity and volume of the text, density and location of the keys, references, text structure, headings and subheadings, etc.).
  • Editorial of metadata title (for each page, as requested by them) and description (description of website pages).
  • Adjustment of website code and correcting errors.
  • Optimization of site design in terms of the speed of downloading of pages in the user ' s browser, their " appearances " by different browsers, matching the direction of the resource, selecting the prints, writing the current alt to pictures posted on the pages, etc.

Activities related to external site optimization:

  • Recording the resource in search systems, catalogues, linking it to a certain region as necessary.
  • Creation and purchase of references to resources on virtual sites of relevant topics. Adjustment of available reference mass: removal of negative and non-existent references.
  • Write-up of press releases, articles, posts, reviews, etc. on the side sites to increase the visibility of the site.
  • Addressing the causes of possible sanctions by search engines (sometimes the result of competition activities).

Colour of optimization

In accordance with the techniques used by webmasters in optimizing the site and moving forward, optimization is classified into the following categories.

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