Поисковая SEO оптимизация сайтов под yandex и google

Search Optimization Of The Site

SEO (Angl. Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions aimed at developing the site: enhancing its value in search systems and in the eyes of users, placing it in the top and increasing attendance.

What factors influence positions

Both internal and external factors influence the search site ' s position. Externally, the quotation of a resource on the Internet, its credibility from the perspective of other portals, is largely an external one. The internal content includes content posted on the website. To date, search engines are paying much more attention to the second. Therefore, optimization of content on the website and page structure plays a major role in moving forward. It provides an opportunity to significantly improve the position on extradition, especially on low-frequency requests.

Search optimization methods

White. " SEO-optimization of Internet sites means adjusting the structure and content of pages to make the resource more accessible and user-friendly and understandable for search engines.

Grey. Such a search method Optimization of website to promote includes increasing the density of keywords (which often leads to a lack of readability of the content of the site), the use of dorves* without redesign, the purchase of a large number of links in the network, etc.

Black. In this case, the promotion of web sites implies the use of search spam. Internet resources are rapidly rising to high levels, but the result is short-lived. The light thus advanced is rapidly entering the ban and is no longer indexed.

*Dorweis are sites or separate web pages created to attract transhipment from search systems by using a large number of key words. Readers are used to redirect traffic to a given resource.

White progress segment

  1. Semantic nucleus. Key queries (keys) are the first phase of site optimization. The semantic nucleus should focus on the audience of the resource on the Internet and be consistent with its themes.