SEO оптимизация сайта самостоятельно: пошаговая инструкция

Optimization Of The Site On Its Own

Внешний вид программы Key CollectorThe study of SEO will require a full-fledged process. You can't just take and study SEO once and for all. Search optimization rules - Moving smoothly, changing working principles search enginesthe anti-Spom algorithms, new SEO services and programmes are constantly emerging, without which the specialist will significantly lose its productivity to its competitors on TOP. All of the work described above is required to be done with a competitive site to consolidate knowledge in practice.

I hope you're full of enthusiasm and the above-mentioned is not scary? Then let's start!

Step 1. Terms mandatory for training

The staggering study of SEO is also a self-study and learning experience. The following is a list of mandatory terms from the world for search optimization, which you must know:

Файл распределения для сайтаStep 2. Semantic nucleus

The development of the site is based on a list of search requests for promotion. There is a specialized term for this list, a semantic nucleus. The quality of the queries raised to move from the semantic nucleus is directly dependent on the efficiency of the cloth.

To learn how to collect a semantic nucleus, it's necessary:

  1. To register with Yandex and to consult the service wordstat. ♪
  2. To examine the video lessons on this topic: lesson number 1 and lesson number 2, both are part of the SEO practice.
  3. Использование программы PageWeightTo consult the main sources of semantics: WordStat, search clues (suggest), phrases showing the site and switching to web-based panels and Yandex. Metrick / Google Analytics. As well as data collection services, for example, Pixel Touls.
  4. Introduce the Key Collector or analogue to the computer (see the presentation " SEO-target Automation in 2017 " and SeoPult.
  5. Put on the computer and develop the basic functions of Microsoft Excel.

After the actions described above, you are ready to collect a semantic nucleus for your project. The basic semantic core is required for 35-150 requests. It's the best set to start work. If questions arise, you may ask them in the relevant section of the website.

Step 3. Distribution of requests on the website

After collecting semantics, every request is required to focus on a page on your website. This is an important step on which the success of the further exercise will be essential.

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