Как следить за результатами продвижения сайта

Development Schedule

b_54dd0332efbf6.jpgWould it look like the general tasks of the website owner and the head of the SEO division? It's very simple, and the first, and the second, it's important to know how well the SEO specialist works. I mean, there is a need to understand the overall dynamics of the site ' s progress without being part of the process itself.

It is easy to say, " understand the dynamics website progress" . But what does that mean in practice? What are the parameters that should be taken into account in order to understand this very dynamic?

Today, I will tell you about my agglomer to assess the effectiveness of the website.

Step one. Choose instruments

To begin, of course, it is necessary to choose the tools that will measure progress. I'm using two basic services: Energoslon and Yandex.Metria.

Energoslon is a service that I actively participate in designing and developing. The elephant checks the location of the sites in search systems, stores all changes and provides statistics in a user-friendly form. Yandex. Metrica is a tool to collect data on site attendance. I like Metrick with my simple and convenient interface.

b_54dd06996451c.jpgOf course, in Metrick, and in the Elephant, it's not good to start a project. Both services have detailed instructions on how to do so, so there should be no problem.

Both services collect statistics. Energoslon is watching the change of site position, Metrika, the attendance. So let the services work with your 2-3-week website, and then you can move on to an assessment of the progress.

Step two. We're measuring the site's temperature.

The site ' s temperature shows the general condition of the " patient " and says how many phrases have improved and how many have deteriorated.

If the thermometer showed that the positions for a large number of phrases had fallen, it would be worth moving a little further and checking what exactly the search system was down.

The table above shows that there are worse cases in Yandex than in Google.

If, after the next Yandex AP, the site's temperature is gonna be negative again, you should ask SEO to explain the problem.

The locator or search system is subject to a change in prospecting. If you see some sites in Top10 today, at the request of “saving the elephant”, and tomorrow, their order has changed or new sites have emerged, then the search system has been retrieved. In Google, the peddates are going smoothly and unnoticed, and almost every day something changes. In Yandex, the intervals between the peddies can be from a few days to a few weeks.

If, in most cases, after the apologies, you see a positive temperature, then the overall momentum of the website is positive.

Step three. Let's go.

In the early stages of the website, it is only enough to measure the temperature to understand the overall picture. About four months after the launch of the site, it is possible to move to an analysis of the Top-s achieved.

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