SEO-продвижение: 7 шагов, которые должен сделать любой, у кого

Steps To Move The Site

Hello, everyone! I'd like to tell you today. Stage progress. I'm sure the theme of moving the blog readers' website is very interesting. The blogs have created everything, but what else to do with them, as I understand, is not understandable. So I want to make my blog the best, I'll tell you what's most important to you. The transition will try not to be steep, but rather painless and understandable to you in terms of new definitions and concepts.

Let's go!

For the newcomers: Anko - it's a reference. Example: Do you need lessons on the website? In this case, the ancory will be the word " lessons learned " website progress" .

  1. We don't leave the website empty, we're hanging some kind of clutch. I mean, after you just installed WordPress and until you're serious about this project, a lot of time can pass. You probably already know that The age of domain, the site as a whole, has a strong impact on its progress in search systems
    So, as you have the idea of creating a new project, buy a domin (do not pity 99 rubles) and hang the plug or install WordPress with the writings, that some project will be here soon.
  2. This site can now be accessed from its websites, for example, as I did in the previous step: The reference should be inserted without a text, as in the example above, or with the words " here " , etc., as it would be natural for search systems. Agree who will refer to the “empty” site with some key word that is not available. Several references may also be added, but again, it would be desirable to use annchors (text of references).
  3. Now finishing up the site, trying to make it the most comfortable, quality, beautiful.
  4. Internal optimization (internal optimization: Part 1 and Part 2). This includes: closing unnecessary references to indexation, creating the right revolutions.txt, creating a search site map, creating a common map for people.
  5. Fill the website with content (articles), for example, with at least 10 articles. I've told you how to write the articles right. We do not forget the internal refining: the new articles refer to the old articles as well.