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Development Site Structure

First, a little history and definitions. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a single resource index. Tim Berners-Li was first introduced in 1990. Originally, URL identified the location of the resource on the Internet, it is now used to record the resource address on the network.

The standard method of displaying the URL page in most cases has this type: after the address of the site, the address of the completed file is displayed, after .php the question mark is placed and the URL is already displayed, showing the parameters of the page in question, e.g. /catalog.php?tag=danceaction=list= -- viewing the list of articles with a stamp ( dance). But naturally, such URLs are uncomfortable for visitors to sites, the numerals of the parameters will still be understood, but such URL may be obtained very long in cases of large withdrawal requests and will not be placed in the visible part of the address line of the browser.

It follows that the URL structure of website addresses should be as simplified as possible, making it easier for visitors. List the main points:

  • The content of the site should be organized in such a way that URL has a logical structure and is more understandable to humans. It is recommended that not identifiers composed of multiple numbers, but conventional words. For example, if the user searches for information on dances, URL addresses of a type will help to determine the information value of the reference. If URL has a type of website, it would be difficult to attract user attention.
  • It is also recommended to use the puncture marks in URL addresses. For example, the address is easier to read than to use defisa in the URL addresses rather than the signature symbols. Each page of the site should be with a unique URL to look at it, it could be understood what was on the page.
  • A little word about the URL register. Users of websites tend to introduce URL in the bottom register (small letters). But for the search system. stranica.html and Stranica.html are two different pages, but with the same content. There is thus a duplicate content and loss of the main URL page in the non-standard register.
  • Another optimization point for URL is the use of “.html” or “(s) at the end of the address. It is evident that some URL address has a view instead There is no margin of principle, but if in the first option it is clear that it is a page, the second option may be a directory. And in what situation, everyone chooses themselves.
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