500+ лучших инструментов для комплексного продвижения сайта

Development Tools

Today, on the agenda, a collection of interesting tools from Product Hunt is for those who seek effective ways to attract the audience and make their name. The graphic promotion of the product is always a whole range of different actions, so I tried to include services and resources that affect different aspects of the product, from the selection of quality, the sale of content to the analysis of the results.


Fullstory collects maximum information on user behaviour on the website (clicks, text entry, page shifts) and conducts an analysis on which trend conclusions can be drawn. You can look at user-specific reports, search for an action or click on any object on the page. Besides analysts, stepping logs will also be useful for maintenance.
Grade My Ads

A quick way to learn comprehensive information about the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns. The programme compiles data on the funds spent, the audience, the cost of user involvement and releases them as short, simple for visual perceptions of the reports, in which, among other things, you will find a general evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign on the basement scale.

Expansion for firefox browsers and Chrome, which instantly provides information on the traffic, competitiveness and cost of clicks for any keyword that you enter into the search line. You can also include colour distribution for those options with a given spectrum in the designs to accelerate the selection, preserve and download. Service operates with such sites as Google.com, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Search, UberSuggest, Answer ThePublic.com, Soovle.com, KeywordShitter.com.

Serpstat, a decision from a company specializing in data sets offers an extensive base of Google filling options for a wide variety of keywords. In fact, it is one way to answer sacramental questions about what pressing problems the user faces and which of them makes sense. Having this kind of information in your hands, you'll be able to develop a marketing strategy more clearly and conduct it. Web optimization

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