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Seo оптимизация сайта: пошаговая инструкцияFor starters, progress is mysterious.

I'll tell you the secret - the promotion specialists are promoting any web resources by buying references.
Of course, it's not all that simple - you need to know what references to buy in each case, and what resources do that.

There's also another way forward, with natural references, I'll tell you about it in this series of posts.

In the case of any progress (paid or free) it is based on internal optimization. Next, I'll tell you about Seo optimizing the site and give you a step-by-step instruction, and for now:

What is the SEO optimizing the site?

Как определить ценность ключевых запросовSEO is an abbreviation from SearchEngineOptimization, which means optimization for search systems or simply search optimization (PP).

Seo optimization is the preliminary analysis of keyword statistics in searching systems (CFs), the establishment of a sample of suitable words (Semantic nucleus (SN)) and their placement on pages.

However, the use of the most demanded users of the words of the accounts does not guarantee that your trustee is placed in the search for extradition, as there is a large number of other web resources that use the same word.

A reasonable compromise between the number of requests for a key word and the competition on that request is needed to get out of the top.

Anecdot: There's a SEO-optimizer bar, restaurant, buying alcohol drinks, clubs, best bars in Moscow, ordering a restaurant.

Составление семантического ядра сайтаThat anecdote was very accurately making fun of the sechen's work three years ago. The current software has become much more complex and, in fact, more correct because it is more user-oriented.

Robots assess web resources in terms of their usefulness to users rather than matching artificial ranking factors, as was a few years ago.

The FS now has about a thousand key factors affecting search ranking and the task of the owner of any web resource to use them as much as possible in order to increase the chances of accessing the pages of his child ' s child to the TRP.

But I won't scare you at once with the complexity of the task before you, we'll look at it on the points.

Seo optimization of website: Reference

2. On content:

  • Semitic nucleus - read below
  • Optimization of content for search.