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Search Optimization

15 years ago, I started my way in the area of website development and Internet relativity. The main argument in the negotiations with the client was that " everything on the Internet can be counted " . It was meant, of course, unlike TV, radio, banner advertising and other non-net-related channels.

At that time, everything seemed understandable and transparent. That's what it was. Over time, technology has changed our world faster and faster. Annexes, mobile sites, advertising systems, web analytical tools...

As a result, it became so complex that I now have the main criterion of evaluating any information.

I suggest you get to know how the numbers are confusing us. And how to interpret the data we're getting at Ya. Metrick, Google Analytics, other analytics, blogs.

Of course, in order to understand the article correctly, the most basic terms need to be known -- conversion, rejection and other. There are obvious things, but I'm sure you'll find something new.

Short of contents:

  • Study of statistics in the design of the website structure
  • Top 10, if he wasn't.
  • Use only one statistical system
  • Study of indicators separately rather than aggregate
  • Google Analytics and Yandex. Metriki as single marketing data sources
  • Dark traffic
  • Data discrepancies between Y. Metriki and Y. Dierect
  • Preface conversion
  • The less absolute, the more important it is.
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