6 месяцев продвижения c Wizard.sape, отзыв о работе

Wizard Website Promotion

"To date, thanks to Visard, about 80 per cent of the words in the TOP, everything is really simple and fast, but you need to be very careful in settings, you don't forget anything and you don't mix it up, or you're going to get a little "unknown."

Alexander Shokurov, Kokoc.com:
The point is, the service is technological. I immediately evaluated the functionality of Wizard.Sape. The whole range of site promotions is surprisingly rapid and effective. Technical implementation is well-designed, the interface is understandable and convenient.

Wizard. Sape started using months ago. They already valued his benefits. It helps meet the challenges, saves the budget. It's easy to track the Yandex positions. The automatic " freeze " of the procurement of references when the required service positions were achieved immediately affected the cost-effectiveness of the budget and resulted in significant savings. A very useful function for us is the recent automatic purchase of eternal references in published news.

Constantine Skobeev, Co-founder Demis Group:
Our team checked the Wizard.Sape case. I can be sure that this tool is a new word for automation. website development♪ Wizard.Sape is good for working with a lot of references. For us, the most useful opportunity has been to elaborate a strategy for progress.

We tried a new service, and he was very surprised. Effective filtration, clear criteria for the selection of reference donors can be distinguished from benefits. During our work with the service, we noted that good and cleanest donors were really chosen, and there was a smooth purchase of references.

It is very difficult to find an adequate and good optimist that would work equally in all areas: internal optimization, reference optimization and conversion. With the help of Visard, we have solved some of the internal and reference optimization tasks, and our best people have focused on improving the conversion of client sites. It is almost impossible to automate improvements in the website ' s sales properties, but, as promised, Visard will be expected in the future.

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