Поисковая оптимизация - это набор действий, которые исполняются на

Search Optimization Is

Optimization of the site It is a set of methods that will make the site not only interesting, user-friendly and useful, but also understandable and close to search systems. The optimization of the site is a way of " reconciliation " Web search systemsa way to force search systems to " respect the site " and to choose it by offering it first entry in extradition when the search system responds to the request. The purpose of the search optimization is to place the site on the top, in the first 10 replies that are available on the first page of the extradition. In order for the search system to respond to the site, its algorithms must be examined and the points that are particularly important and then, according to the points identified, activities that meet these conditions must be carried out.

Colour optimization

The practice has already developed a fairly large number of techniques that can manipulate the search system, but by their correctness, legality, they differ. In this regard, three classes of site retrieval have emerged:

Black optimization includes a set of practices that are clearly incorrect, many of them are prohibited, some constitute a simple deception of the system. The gray optimization includes those that are not prohibited but potentially incorrect. If a black or gray optimization is detected by a search engine, the site will be fined or bathed. White optimization is legal professional methods that complement each other and produce a steady result. White optimization is aimed at making both visitors and search engines highly appreciated.

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