Основная задача руководителя проектов в Google — оптимизация, а не

Google Optimization

This is about three levels of optimization. We risk assuming that optimization in the scout is like the real world we live in. We look at several examples to understand how the proposed levels of optimization interact. In our example, we will use the Google AdWords system. 1. Speak optimization Given our experience, this level is the most important in optimizing. It is the work with each key word that helps to understand the real picture of the cases, and it is not by chance that we put this level first. Focus on the main indicators when the keywords are optimized: - Quality Indicator; - CTR; - Types of Core Words Conformity; - Minus; - Medium position; - Price per click; - Conversion rates. Imagine the key words are people. We all work together, like the key words in the account. If every man improves himself, the world will be better.

2. Optimization at the declaration group level

This level is related to your promotional message (the text of the announcement, the target page) and the breakdown of keywords. If you didn't put all the key phrases into one band of announcements, you have an excellent opportunity to locate your advertising campaign. At this level, we draw attention to the following indicators: - Breakdown of key words; - Prices per click; - CTR (relevant CTR); - Conversion rates; - Proportion of indicators; - Consistency (CPT). Imagine that announcements are localities (urbans, villages, villages). It's already a higher order. Note that the ads are a mirror of the well-being of key words.

3. Campaign optimization It's the highest level. Here, you can assess the overall situation in advertising. I think you've already drawn attention to the fact that many metrics recur from level to level. Each level has its specific characteristics. In general, the process looks like a thief. Keywords - the Main Declarations Group - the Central Campaign. We pay attention to these indicators at the campaign level: - Percentage of loss of performance (budget); - Interest lost (Rating); - Proportion of indicators; - CTR (Reportable CTR); - Price per click; - Medium position; - Conversion rates; - Consistency (CPT). And finally, campaigns are countries. You can tell that you don't care about what's going on in another country, but somehow, we're all in the name of the same boat. Because... ♪