Необходимость внутренней поисковой оптимизации страниц сайта

Optimizing The Site Is

Internal optimization of the site is a set of site work aimed at ensuring that the code and content of the resource page meet the requirements of search systems.

The graphic internal optimization is aimed at correcting technical errors and improving the resource - your site becomes as relevant as possible (=potential, attractive) for searchers and users, and as a consequence, it goes to TOPs.

Internal optimization set

Where do we start?

Semantic nucleus

In-house optimization is initiated with the selection of keywords on which the site will be promoted. It's important to properly form a semantic nucleus to get you out of looking not just users but your potential clients.

Check the current information on the website, set up a list of keyword masks, expand them, like night, c--, check-up. Standard free Yandex services can be used to find additional masks, assess demand popularity, seasonality of a request. Wardstat or Google Keyword Planner.

Grouping of requests. Determination of entry points

Group selected key requests. On one page, you can move a few key words. Use a logical group, and if you have doubts about the compatibility of a request with one another, use an analysis of current TOP-10 sites (competitives).

For each key word or group of words, a landing page (target) should be identified. Analyse what pages of the site are now searching for a search list or use the operator. Request site:vashsite.by

To identify entry points for high-competitive queries, it is necessary to analyse the competitors and see what pages are in the TOP.*

* e.g., if the first 20 results on your request contain only the main pages of the websites, you should also choose the main page to move forward. Of course, if there are many requests (e.g. through the portal), high-frequency requests can also be streamlined in-house pages.

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