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How To Optimize The Site

If you're going to be serious about setting up a site, you should think about SEO. SEO is encrypted as " search optimization " (Search Engine Optimization) and means Web optimization to searchers like Yandex, Google, Bing, etc. Modern search systems use sophisticated algorithms to determine the modalities of extradition, so you need to learn at least the basic SEO skills so that your site and its content meet existing standards.

The following are key factors influencing the search ranks that you should take into account in setting up the site.

Keywords - these are requests that people put in the search field when they're looking for something. You need to identify relevant words for your website. To do so, make a list of all the queries that fit the description of your activities in which you work, and then bring them to the top 10 questions. You'll need to add the phrases you received on the most important pages of your website so that they can fit into context. If you work in a particular region or within an organization, don't forget to add their name (city or area) to key words. More detailed work on keywords can be read here.

The website architecture - is your website well structured and easy to target? The use of prepared templates that are automatically optimized to search systems is one of their main advantages in setting up a Wix site, and you only have to choose a similar template.

Your website's home name should contain your brand name. Try to make it simple and clear as possible.