Поисковое продвижение сайта в Яндексе и Google

Optimization Of Search Site

In today ' s world, the role of the SEO dimension, such as the optimization of images, is undoubtedly important. To date, one third of all Google requests to the United States are related to pictures.

In one of the last Whiteboard issues, Friday Rand Fiskin detailed the SEO for images, ranging from base to ranking factors and practical recommendations.

In the article, you will find all the information you need on this issue. And it's not only about optimizing Google's search on pictures, but also for the image-block in the main search.

Basis of search optimization of images

There are a few things we need to discuss before we move on to this subject. First, many webmasters ask:

  1. Do we even need to search for the images?

Over the years, in the Google Image Search Image, the user was on the website or page at which it was published. Now, when the picture is pressed, a full-dimensional version of the picture is opened and the site is located. That's enough for many people. They do a lot of searches, but they never visit your website. Google provides your image without your knowledge, and you don't get any data on it. You don't know how many shows it got, etc.

When you need a search optimization of images

  • Visually sold goods and services♪ We've been in touch with a large number of contractors, decorators, hotel owners, repairs and hand-made vendors. They all think searching pictures helps people choose their offer. For example, a person is searching for " repairs to the Cookie Seattle " and decides to visit the site on the basis of the images proposed in the search.
  • Everything done to obtain references and references♪ If you're doing visualization or working as a photographer, and you're hoping that people will use your images and make references to you, you're definitely going to need a search optimization. With her help, you can get into the sight of an appropriate audience. When these people use your image in their presentation, publication or website, you'll get a link.
  • Licensed visual content♪ There are people who make a sale of images. Google's picture search is a great place to get into this niche. If you're a photographer, an illustrator or a photographer owner, you certainly need to study. optimization Images.
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