Оптимизация загрузки сайта | ЗЕКСЛЕР

Optimization Of Sites

More than bonuses.

We appreciate the loyal and responsible Clients, and we are prepared to support the bonuses of those who want to work for results with us.

Up to 20% for transition from competitor

If you came to us from another SEO company and ready to confirm
That's the availability of documents, in the budget evaluation of the project,
Welcome to 20%.

10 per cent for change The site itself

If you have staff ready for our technical assignments to introduce changes to the site in time, we're providing a 10% bonus discount.

10,000 roubles for speed of decision-making

We are very careful at the time, and therefore, for a prompt decision in favour of cooperation with us and the signing of a treaty (two weeks after the application for the website) gives a one-time discount of 10,000 roubles.

5 to 15 per cent for prepayment

For a pre-cooperation period of 3, 6 and 12 months, we offer guaranteed discounts of 5 per cent, 10 per cent and 15 per cent of the total cost of moving the project.

High quality standards

High-speed interaction

Business Process Automation Services (e.g. Bitrix-24) and, which we actively use in project development, speed up our interaction with each other and with clients, and reduce the time frame for achieving results. Targets are completed on time, results are achieved faster.

Our work is under your control.

Each client is given access to a desk where the positions and visibility of the website can be traced and the status of real-time implementation of the project tasks. The whole process is absolutely clear.


All our actions on the site are performed according to Yandex and Google licenses. It's a guarantee that your website won't be sanctioned. In order to eliminate the risks, the following paragraph is stated in the contract: if the site is subject to sanctions, all payments are zero, and we commit ourselves to removing the resource from sanctions free of charge.

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