Продвижение сайтов в интернете |

Optimization Of The Yandex Sites

Yandex's main task is to answer questions. What is not sought by users on the network is materials to prepare for the examination and answers to the crosswords, the date of the forthcoming exhibition and the postal index, and even the favoured or loved ones.

The search for goods and services is a large part of the requests. Among the many sites with goods and services, the search system needs to identify and offer users the most qualitative - user-friendly, informative and authoritative. It is clear that all these characteristics are subjective, and the search algorithm can only be measured. By analysing hundreds of such parameters, the search engine calculates the relevance of the page, i.e. determines the quality of the page on the request.

Of course, companies offering goods or services on the network want to attract search users and provide them with the most demanding service or sell them. For these purposes, they carry out the so-called Web optimization - Measures to improve the presentation of the site in search results and improve its effectiveness as a business tool.

There are different approaches to optimization. For example, a site can be made more informative, interesting and user-friendly, i.e., user-friendly. This optimization requires work on website content, creativity, business and client understanding, experience and knowledge. This is a difficult way, but it allows users to gain a well-deserved popularity and high position in search results.

Another approach is that the search results are seen as an advertisement site where the quality of the site can be maintained. This approach (named " pseudo-optimization " ) is being implemented in attempts to deceive the search system and artificially upgrade the resource ' s position in search results, affecting the parameters used in ranking.

By artificial means of optimization, a search system may be misleading for a short time. However, the ranking formula, responding to changes in the network, is constantly changing and improving. The non-natural overstatement of factors is losing momentum, and the site returns to a well-deserved place in extradition. As in other areas, pseudo-optimization ultimately loses real quality.

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