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Marketing Website Promotion

To date, the Internet Marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract potential consumers. The unique advantage of the Internet Marketing to the traditional is the broadest coverage of the target audience and the high cost-effectiveness of investing in the advertising campaign.
Internet marketing includes a range of activities aimed at promoting the site in the most popular Internet search engines. This way of promoting the site provides for the inflow of targeted visitors, thus increasing the client base and increasing the company ' s turnover. The Internet Marketing thus requires:

  • Involving more targeted visitors to the company ' s site;
  • Increasing the customer base;
  • Increased delivery of products and services;
  • Raising brand recognition.

1.2. Promotion of the site

According to statistics, 80 per cent of users find new sites through search systems, 55 per cent of all purchases are on sites found through search systems, and most users only watch the first page of search results, considering the first sites by industry leaders. It is therefore very important that the site be easily located in search systems on key requests. This in turn means that the site should be optimized under search systems algorithms.
The promotion of the site in search systems is a number of activities aimed at achieving a high level of acceptance of key requests.
Development stages of the site:

  • Audit of the site;
  • Upgrading the site to the current requirements of the search system;
  • Optimization of pages;
  • Registration of the site in search systems;
  • Promotion activities;
  • Optimizing external page ranking factors;
  • Monitoring the site ' s position and adjusting the way the site moves.


The missionability of the resource is the main component of the success of your project in the first phase of its existence.
The site ' s spread is a range of different, low-budgeting activities, which focus on increasing the availability of the site. Analysis of the marketing policy of your competitors, literate Optimization of search site systems, catalogues and ratings, exchange of references and participation in partnership programmes, use of banners and context advertising is a far from complete list of the main elements of the concept of sale.