Грамотная подготовка сайта к продвижению сэкономит ваш бюджет

Preparation Of A Website For Progress

What's an audit of the website? Here's a simple answer to this question: auditing the site is his analysis (expertia) to match the search move. What's he looking for, or what's his purpose, auditing? Analyse the current status of the site in terms of search systems and, as a consequence, make some recommendations for progress.

What are the requirements for prospecting, and how to properly analyse the results, to meet these requirements; this will be the case.

2. Analysis of the location of the search system site

So the search audit of the site begins with the collection of basic (primary) information, which suggests that it is possible to have a certain picture of the resource that will have to continue to work. In general, the site ' s promotion is for a certain search system. Thus, the primary information we need is to verify the knowledge of the site in the chosen search system.

In the example of the most common search engine of Runet Yandex, these parameters are:

  • Thematic quotation index (PIC).
  • Recording resources in the Yandex catalogue.
  • Number of pages indexed.
  • Number of resource references pages and websites

These parameters can be seen using for example.

The site ' s tiC is expressed by a number that characterizes in some way the thematic quotation of the site. The more it is, the better it is. This is perhaps one of the most authoritative features of the Runet site, yet many understand the real impact of TICs on the promotion of the site. Second characteristic, Resource registration in the Yandex catalogue♪ Rather, the credibility of the site is expressed, the existence of a catalogue register guarantees a relatively high level of CPI. Running forward, it should be pointed out that this is probably the smallest parameter. Number of pages indexed It refers to the direct knowledge of the site in this search system. Number of resource-referencing pages and websites provide some insight into the knowledge of the site not only Yandex, but also Runeta.