Черные методы продвижения сайта. Подстройка кода. Поисковая

Methodology Seo Of Progress

Why are optimists turning to a black SEO? It's simple. Because by prohibited methods, the site is rapidly indexed and located in the TOP, and the optimist does not spend much money on it. The most popular methods of black optimization will come up a little, about ten, namely, cloaking, swaping, dorvei, spamdexing and lencbombing spam as a concrete example.


Cloaking is a rather sophisticated method of black SEO, but very effective. The specimen (from the English cloaking mask, cover) is that the robot indexes the content of the site page, which does not look like what is provided to the user, that is, the main content is " disguised " under another, more suitable. The optimizer is assisted by a special sophth that reads and " recalls " the IP address of the search system, and when the robot enters the site, the content changes.


There's a page on the site to indicate how its content is replaced. But that page will be in the TOP until the robot enters the site and invents it again. Svoping runs websites that don't look alive, but they want to get up fast. The optimizer has already been paid, and in a while, namely, after another indexation, the site falls under the ban; it appears that the optimizer has nothing to do with it.


Dorveys are called nonnatural sites whose main purpose is to indict. Turning on the front page of the site, the user is moving to the main, advanced site. That's what they use. One dorvae won't do much, so the optimists will plug dozens and hundreds of dorvae sites, burying the server. search engines and reducing the quality of the search. When a search system has been found, it is inevitable that the site be removed from the index.

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