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Google Website

Today ' s realities on the Internet advertising market are such that it is no longer possible to ignore the real competition of the most popular (and recently the actual monopoly) in our country of the Yandex search system, by the international giant Google.

To date, the world ' s largest search engine in the Russian market is about 22 per cent, compared with 64 per cent in Yandex. With regard to the market for context advertising, the Yandex profits for the year are approximately 7, 6 billion roubles, Google in area 2, 2 billion roubles. It is worth saying that competition on the part of Google has increased every year and is likely to occur in subsequent years.

As a result of the increase in Google indicators in Russia, the search system is becoming increasingly attractive as a source of new traffic, and consequently visitors to the site.

Consequently, it is increasingly possible to hear the question: " How to move forward and how to move forward Remove your website. Google? This article sets out the basic and necessary information that should be known about the construction of the site in Google Russia.

Best practices of the Google site

It is worth mentioning that the process of moving the Google site is fundamentally different from the search work in the same Europe or the United States. There are completely different algorithms and rules.

1. More users are starting to search for information or goods in Google. If we rely on statistics and sociologic research, Google is the most active and young part of our country ' s population, that is, this part of the population will be the most able to pay in the coming years. Simply put, the financial dimension and the material benefits of moving the Google site will grow once in a while.

2. The search giant is updating its base and therefore issuing almost every day. In this way, new websites that provide new information or services that may be of interest to users may appear on extradition every day. Accordingly, the owner of the site is also on hand, his website (or a new content on his pages) is likely to be indexed and extramitted much faster than that in Yandex. Simply put, the posting of the Google site is much faster and its results can be seen and evaluated sufficiently quickly.