Продвижение сайта в топ 10 — услуги seo продвижения сайта по

Commercial Promotion Of The Site

  1. In the process of developing the site, we only use searching techniques that fully meet the requirements of the Yandex license. Security!
  2. We submit regular reports on the work done. Transparency!
  3. The contract concluded does not imply any additional payment. Honesty!
  4. You can always learn about the work done by our managers. Openness!

How do you get into the TPR?

The distribution of search systems sites is based on the level of confidence in them. A high level of confidence in the site is therefore needed to be placed at the top of the search for extradition.

Such trust is called the age.

Trasta cultivation is an indispensable condition for effective progress. This process can take over six months.

Some optimists claiming that they can " unlock " the site in just three months, Age They don't count. With the ever-increasing new housewives, so quickly TOP site Impossible. But these allegations have led to the view that companies are incorrect in the SEO market.

Achieving the site ' s " age " is a combination of factors that are divided into internal and external factors.

Internal factors

External factors

  • Domain
  • clear compliance with all requirements specified in licences of major search engines
  • Structure
  • software adjustments
  • (no error)
  • No viruses or false technicians
  • Transfer from external references (if any) to authoritative sites
  • Number of references
  • quality of donor sites where links to your website
  • Type of direct reference
  • of each reference
  • mass increase speed

How do you know the credibility of the site?

Very easy. First, check the TIC and the PR of your website, check the dominance period, the number of references to the site. Then compare these data to similar data on your competitors ' sites, which are at the top of the search requests you require. If your website fails, it's not ready for a successful move.

But that doesn't mean that access to the TPR for your website is closed. When the site just shows up, he doesn't have a good reference mass. But you can always start working on it.

Success tomorrow is action today!

The experimental SEO optimizers will deal with your problem. Their actions will bring you a profit that will pay all the investments.

What do you get for your money?

  • Increased customer flows to the site
  • Set up site entries on identified key requests
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