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Quality Optimization Of The Site

Desk optimization is a set of web content-based activities (revising old texts or writing new ones), taking into account keywords that need to be advanced Search Systems site

The qualitative optimization of the site ' s content, which will have a good impact in the future, is a very labour-intensive process that can only be driven by specialists. This is primarily due to the need to know the principles of indexing the website pages to search systems, to take into account all requirements and nuances of search robots.

Web site optimization cost

  • Optimization of website structure and common page templates from 1,000 roubles.
  • Optimizing the main page of the site is 500 rubles.
  • Optimization of other website pages - 200 rub./1 page
  • Writing of unique optimized texts (copying) 200 roubles./1000 symbols

Optimization is carried out by our specialists, with access to the website management system, allowing non-intervention programmers to change the texts and headings of pages, including meta-strategies. For sites without management, the value of optimization increases by 25 per cent.

Without access to the site ' s management, all optimization recommendations are prepared in text form and transmitted to the client for self-regulation on the site.

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