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Optimization And Promotion Of Sites In Moscow

Our main specialization is SEO optimization, promotion and development of sites in Moscow. Quickly and qualitatively, we'll get your website on Google and Yandex's top. All the guarantees. Only white ways to move!

The population of Moscow and Moscow is about 20,000. Given the fact that the lion ' s part of this population is crafted, the SEO market in the region can be compared to the Polish market, which is the seven European countries by population!

What are the features of the site in Moscow? As has been said, first, this is a huge concentration of the solvent population concentrated on a small area. It doesn't matter if you're going to move the 300-and-six-six-six Kaliningrad, 5-million Petersburg or 10,000-000-000-000-000-Moscow--- the CPR is going to be one, and logically, the higher the competition is, the harder it is to unlock the site, the higher the price of the opening.

In addition, in contrast, for example, to Petersburg, Moscow is also the capital of the Russian Federation, which puts additional pressure on the market. So we have:

  1. Local businesses that only interest the Moscow market;
  2. Federal companies with interest in the whole Russian market and Moscow as an important part of the general market;
  3. Foreign companies, which are mostly located in Moscow, are starting to move their services.

Another feature development of sites in Moscow, that's what Google matters here. In Moscow, many foreign firms, foreigners, people who lived and studied abroad, and they all prefer Google Yandex. Therefore, a specialist who will be optimizing your site should be well understood in both search systems and move the site simultaneously in both. The difference between Google and Yandex can be read through this link.

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