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White Methods For Advancing The Site

There's a lot of suggestions on the Internet from the optimists and marketing agencies for site tracing. Everyone promises the first place in search systems and the bright prospects. Suggestions are quite logical and understandable. But before we go to a specific optimist or agency, we need to figure out what they're offering.

The main difference between optimizers is their methods that they use when they move the sites. It's conditionally divided into two categories: white and black optimists. The Whites are the ones that use legal methods of promotion (resolved to use search engines), the black ones that use prohibited methods of promotion. This difference is fundamental and may involve the removal of your site from the search results at all if a black optimist has worked on the promotion. It is true that such incidents are rather an exception to the rules and actions of start-up optimists who are taking the lead, but have not yet been cleared and put into practice all nuances of optimization and promotion. They are attracted by the possibility of rapid profits and customers become a test site, which has the credibility of all optimists.

Experienced optimizers are more important than their reputation and customer relationship, as long-term cooperation is anticipated rather than short-term profits. It also follows that there is no point in moving the site for 1-2 months, as the operation ' s resources are sufficiently costly in the initial stage of progress: optimization website code, catalogued registration, exchange of links/articles, etc. That is why proposals for a quick outcome should be sceptical without further escort. What's the point at first?

The base of black promotion is so-called dorm schemes. The optimists generate (most often automatic) dozens and hundreds of pseudo sites, with a well-defined purpose of producing traffic. There are different ways to deal with this traffic: selling it to other resources, redirecting to customers ' sites or setting up context advertising blocks, earning on the adverter websites.

Black moves are treated in the same non-thematic exchange of references when the optimists attempt, by any means, to conquer the parameters of TIC and PR, at risk of exposure. ♪ ♪