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Prohibited Methods Of Website Advancement

chernoe-seoIn order for the web resource to yield benefits (dash, advertising, etc.), it should be well-known on the Internet. And good visibility ensures that he is found in the TOP-10 in search systems. For Russian realities, it's Google and Yandex. There is a whole science to promote websites into this cherished ten, search optimization or SEO.

The website is a long and costly event. And there is often temptation for some professionals who know (or think they know) how the ranking algorithms work. search systemsto kidnap them by prolonging the trusted resource in the TSS quickly and cheaply. Such methods of promotion have been given the names of banned or black SEOs. We'll talk about punishing their use later (and they're pretty sick), and now we'll give them a classification.

Classification of prohibited website promotion methods

The promotion of Internet resources is, in fact, working with three constituents: content, references and behavioural factors (PF).text-spam Therefore, the types of prohibited advancement are also three:

  • Text spam;
  • falsification of behavioural factors.
  • Spam.

In the first part of this article, we will consider text spam and falsification of behavioural factors.

Text spam

The content is the main thing on the website. In fact, any site is interesting by its contents. For 90 per cent of resources, the main content is the text. A quality text that meets the modern requirements of search engines is a complex and costly task.matrixnet Therefore, text spams are posted on the site for low cost, a text that is useless or useless to the user exclusively for searching robots.

Text spams may be of several types:

  1. Disclosure of the hidden text (usually a set of key words) - the colour of the print matches the colour of the page.
  2. The text is very small.
  3. Separate texts for search systems and for visitors. Then, depending on the IP of the visitor (and the search robots have their IPs), the site sends it to the appropriate text. Again, the FS option is most often just a set of keys. This method even has a somewhat ungrateful title of cloaking.
  4. The creation of a high-density text is now the basic method of text spama.
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