Продвижение сайтов. Оптимизация и раскрутка сайтов в Москве и России

Screening Of The Site And Promotion Of Moscow Sites

Are you aiming at the efficient and continuous development of the site? Your priorities are to increase profits and surpass competition not only in Moscow but also in Russia? You want to get the guarantees and control the work?

The sooner you go to Elit-Web to order the progress of the Yandex and Google TOP site, the sooner you attract new clients and start getting more profits.

What do you get from the Elit-Web site?

The SEO Team of Professionals will carry out a set of search work for the Yandex and Google search systems aimed at:

  • Strengthening site reference;
  • Addressing technical errors;
  • Identification of key requests;
  • Optimization of the content site;
  • Expanding the site structure;
  • internal streamlining of the project and associated work.

We are responsible for the full range of tasks and will do our utmost to achieve maximum efficiency in the work of the resource. We only use white SEO methods. Web site development The Internet, which allows us to achieve the maximum result at minimal financial costs.

Projections of site visits from search systems

In order to predict the growth of enrolment from search systems, we estimate traffic, CTR, age, reference mass, structure of one of the completed studio projects. The data are compared to those received in the SEO analysis of the optimization resource. Thus, we can predetermine the project ' s attendance.

What's the timeline for moving the site to the TPR?

In general, approximately 3 to 5 months are required to withdraw 10 to 40 per cent of the TOP-10 requests from Yandex and Google. Five to seven months will be required to remove up to 80 per cent of the key words in the TOP-10.

The main tasks of internal resource optimization are in the first months of operation. The site ' s budget is further redistributed with an emphasis on external optimization, as the complex and extensive set of work is to be carried out, namely:

  • Analysis of the optimization performed for each key;
  • precise adjustments to improve positions;
  • Increase in reference mass by means of endless trust references (the marketing collapse is active in the first months);
  • Final optimization of content and publication of materials to update the resource.
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