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Principles For The Advancement Of The Website

Moving the site into search systems is a labour-intensive process. The development of the site in search systems is possible with a highly literate approach to planning and phasing out the various components. Three main stages of the Internet site can be identified:

(1) The optimization of the site is an essential and integral part of the website ' s progress; the objective of the site ' s optimization is to prepare the site properly. The site ' s optimization, in turn, consists of a technical part and a literary part (seo copiriting). The technical part of the site ' s optimization includes the technical audit of the site, the editing of the main site, as well as separate pages of the site (TITLE, H1, H2, META of the Gate), the creation of additional pages for individual requests on the site, the organization of the correct internal reference structure of the site. The literary part (seo co-piping) is the creation of original optimised articles that are literate to the user and search systems. The website ' s task is to provide an accurate description of the site ' s thematic focus, key words and positions, and to write texts summarizing the main features of the website.

(2) In fact, moving the site is the next phase of the site ' s optimization. The purpose of the site ' s promotion is to achieve a high rating in search systems for a set of search requests. In order to advance the optimised site, a method is used to gradually build up external thematic links - the provision of unilateral references to the main and secondary pages of other Internet resources, the registration of the site in catalogues, the posting of business news on news portals. The site ' s promotion is the hardest part of the work, and it lasts for websites from 1 to 4 months.

(3) Upon completion of the site ' s progress phase, the process of supporting the website ' s progress will begin. When the site is already advanced, a set of work to support the site ' s progress needs to be done if the work is not done, the site may lose some of the ranking positions for a variety of reasons and the number of visitors coming from search engines can be reduced. Statistical research shows that only a small percentage of users are looking at more than one page of search systems, so the development of the site is very important and sometimes simply necessary for successful business development.

Only when all the steps listed are passed, the site can be considered to be strongly indexed in searches of different levels.