Optimizing The Promotion Of Search Systems Sites

Example of natural (organic) issuances on the key word " site optimization "

The activities and resources required for a full-fledged optimization campaign in each case are individual, depending on the client ' s tasks, competition within the subject and content of the site. The time frame required to produce the result also depends on the factors listed and may vary from three to seven and more months.

As a result, all promotion work can be divided into internal and external optimization of the site:

Internal optimization:

  • Creation of a semantic nucleus;
  • Recommendations for optimizing the code and structure of the site;
  • Recommendations for optimizing text content;
  • Monitoring and adding new key requests;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of visits;
  • Installation and development of the statistical system.

External optimization:

  • Issuance of external references or articles;
  • registration in regional/thematic catalogues;
  • Monthly position and work report.

Cost of site retrieval

On average, the value of the search optimization of the corporate site is between 30 and 50,000 roubles per month. If you have a large Internet store or a bank, the cost of search optimization can reach hundreds of thousands a month.

Main work schemes adopted in search optimization

  • For the number of crossings, each transition is multiplied by X rubles;
  • % entry to top-10, top-5, top-3;
  • for the overall increase in attendance and attitudes.

Myths about site optimization

Myth No. 1. Rapid expansion of website positions. In our experience and experience of the capital catering agencies, the minimum time for meaningful results varies from 3 to 6 months.

Meth No. 2. Optimization is cheaper than context advertising. It's not always like that. In some areas of business and regions, competition is so high that when entering the market with a new site, it makes no sense to invest in the search optimization of the site in the first two years of existence, as investments will not be paid.

Myth No. 3. You see your site on request at the same location as your supervisor. Search systems take into account the specificities of your individual search and behaviour on the Internet, including when you are on websites and show the individual search page. In other words, you see your site on line one, and your friend on line five, your supervisor on four, and things can change tomorrow.

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