Самые эффективные методы продвижения малого бизнеса в интернете

The Most Effective Way Forward

When you realized you wanted to sell a certain product or service, and you set up your store, it's time to move on. In this article, we will offer you effective ways of advertising and promoting the goods that currently exist and how to use them.

Personal website

To show you and tell me about your stuff online, you need your personal website. If you have no idea about the silo construction, there are a lot of companies that will help create an audit site for a fee. It is also possible to set up a site on a free-of-charge host with an online designer.
There's a lot of video lessons on the Internet on websites, and in a few hours, you'll be able to create your first syndic. He'll be fine for a young company. But if you're determined to rapidly promote products or services, we suggest that quality be developed. website with its own Home name, unique design, convenient navigation and quality content. Yeah, it'll cost a lot, but in time, it'll help you earn a lot more than it was.
It's created. Now we need to get him a tray. We'll see the main channels that will help us in this.

1. Email marketing

This is the most effective method of progress based on the survey of tags above. It is universal because not only advertises the product in an e-mail, but also helps to bring traffic on the site, blog, social media.

For starters, you need to find a suitable mailing service based on the quality criterion. Pay attention to the free facilities of servers: test drives, special proposals, ready templates.

Email marketing does not require much money and can be automated. All you have to do is prepare a text and set a date and time for the mailing planner.

Types of e-mails for product/service promotion:

  • Letters presenting a new product or a new collection
  • Letters of exchange, stock, sale
  • Information letters - It's the Digests where reference is made to interesting articles that are related to your activities. Photo coverage can be added and mentioned in articles.

2. Social networks

Basic rules for your social media business:

  • Establishment of a group, community or page;
  • Involvement of audiences through website or mailing (addition of social media);
  • Publication of useful content;
  • Continuous updating of the team ' s materials;
  • Organization of competitions that will benefit from a discount on your product or the opportunity to test it completely free of charge;
  • Comments in your other business groups;
  • Use of ads in social media.

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