Делаем глобальный трэвел-стартап — начало

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Our agency specializes in the development of sites, further technical support and SEOs to advance existing sites. Create key sites using most modern CMS - 1C-Bitrix, ModX, WordPress. Certified producers of 1C-Bitrix products. We're setting up a context commercial in Yandex. Director and Google AdWords. We have Yandex's certificates confirming our competence to work with Direkt and Metrika. It also develops web-based mobile applications under iOS and Android.


Non-standard approach by the Broadcasting


Adaptive and accessible version Specify on 1C-Bitrix is developing an iOS application


A detailed analysis of the unique approach

1C-Bitrix sites established

Just Space is the official partner of the 1S-Bitrix company, which ranks first in the Russian market among commercial CMSs. Specialize on the development of Internet-based magazines and technical support for high-stretched systems. Our programmers are certified site developers based on 1C-Bitrix and have certificates.

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