Создание Сайта В Кемерово

Development Of A Optimization Site

Effective promotion of commercial sites!

It has become clear that the promotion of Internet sites is inextricably linked to their creation. Let us say more, without moving towards a better time at all, because the commercial efficiency of such a site is very low. The commercial website, which hangs around 15 to 30 pages searching for extradition, does not really exist. Why do you even need him?

The creation and promotion of sites is the interlinked phases of a single process that attracts new clients and partners, as well as the organization of Internet sales. The Internet Marketing is rapidly gaining turnover in Russia, so a well-recognized electronic store of yields here is almost equal to the normal store. And sometimes two!

There are many receptions and strategies linking them to their websites. They are both effective and therefore cost-effective. The composition of individual policies of turnover may vary greatly depending on the profile of the site, the goods and services it sells, and the audience for which the goods and services sold are directed.

Preparations for the promotion of websites.

First of all, two important points need to be clarified: first, website promotion and development - these things are identical, but the first one just sounds "teacher," and secondly, the promotion of a whole site always consists of their progress in its separate pages. Not all can be accessed enough to contain information useful to a certain audience and links to other pages.

The development of the sites always begins with its audit, which allows for the identification of such pages as well as a strategy for dealing with them (it may be different, as mentioned above). Subsequent adjustments to the text content of the site and its code shall be made to the requirements of the prospecting system in which promotion is planned. In Russia, it's Yandex and, less, Google.

Following the optimization of the site for search systems, a direct dial is initiated to remove the most important pages of the site from the " retrieval " to its top, " top 10 " . The process is not rapid, and it is particularly important to emphasize. ♪ ♪